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Planning Out Your Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels,solarSolar panels are on the Frontline of the battle for a better earth because they produce a clean source of energy. They also help save money on your energy consumption and can be stored up for use during bad weather periods. So you’re ready to invest in solar energy and you don’t know what to do? Here are some of the most important things you should know before you make any moves.

How solar panels work

This is the most important thing of all since you’ll soon be having the panels as an integral part of your house or office. Know exactly how the solar power panels work, from sunlight trapping to converting them to electrical current and storage. You should also learn about maintenance and safety tips so you will know how to provide care for it to last longer.

Installation of solar panel

Know exactly where you’re going to place the panels. This will help you decide on the panel size, shape and type you should purchase. There are solar panels you can put on your roof – which is the most common ones – and there are those you hang on the wall and outside your window, or place on the ground. Measure the size of the space you want to do the installation so you don’t acquire solar panels that is too big for your available space.

Power consumption

How much power will you be consuming? You can find out by creating a list of all the electronics you use and write down the amount of power they use. Summing up your data should give you a fairly accurate conclusion on the total amount of energy that you use. With this knowledge you should be able to select the right solar panel that doesn’t produce too much or too little power.

Solar panel installation - Solar Panels,solar

The contractor

You can install your own solar panels using detailed DIY instructions, which you can download online. But it is much better to hire a professional solar system installer because they perfect your installation, eliminate failure and provide quality maintenance services in the long run.


But before you sign up any contractors make sure they are registered, certified, insured and licensed to carry out installation works in your locality. They should also be able to give you information on the local laws that affects solar panel installations in your community.

Quality of products

Double checking the quality of the solar panels you’re buying is completely unavoidable. Don’t just leave this in the hands of the contractor rather; check to ensure that the products have all the certifications that guarantee their efficiency and perfection. Ensuring that your solar system panels are of good quality will also help make them last long.

Government rebates

All over the world responsible governments are investing billions into ensuring that solar energy becomes the preferred source of energy for the future. The reason for the rebate is to help homeowners shifting to solar energy save good money and reach their return on investment faster. So check with the relevant authorities to know about local, state and federal government rebates and grants you can take advantage of, before buying your solar panels.

If your are living in The United States You can check here to see if you can Qualify for a grant


If you Are living in the United Kingdom its  quite possible you can get Your Solar Panel installation for free, Yes you are reading this correctly. 100% free

You can find out about that here


Information for Grants in Australia can be found here


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