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Different Types Of Solar Panels And Installations

The use of solar energy has become Hottest topics (pun intended) Over the last couple of years and it will continue to be on the agenda unless they come up with some super  energy alternative.

This is mainly because it relies on the sun which is always available and also it is A Free Power Source(Until They figure Out A Way To Tax Us ). Solar panels also help greatly in reducing the amount of electricity that is drawn from the fossil fuels.

There has been a great development in the residential solar energy that has led to invention of more types of panels And various installation methods. Although they are expensive to buy, the best thing is that once you buy and install it, you will not incur other costs like in the case of the grid. And over time you will get the money back as you are saving on electricity bills.

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The following are some of the Different  types of solar panels and installations examples.


Rooftop solar panels
Solar PanelsMost solar panels are installed on the house roofs. This is because rooftop installations are  perfect for commercial and residential homes. They are preferred by many because installing a solar panel on the roof does not take up any space that could be used to around your property.


Ground-mounted solar panels

ground-mout-solar-640 - Solar PanelsThis type of solar panels is excellent for houses which do not have adequate space on their roof or an unsuitable roof design. The ground mounted solar panels are installed to a specially designed rack. The rack is then secured to the ground. Although it takes up a lot of space Maintenance is a lot easier as everything is on the ground


Utility scale solar panels

images - Solar PanelsMore and More of these Utility Solar Power Stations are popping up every day. They are designed in a way that output is fully maximized.



Canopy installation solar panels

PV_solar_parking - Solar PanelsThis type is almost similar to the ground mounted solar panels. The only difference is that they are installed a bit higher than the grounded mounted ones. This allows canopy solar panels to serve as both shade providers as well as power generators.



Tracker solar panels

cc - Solar PanelsThis kind of solar panels is perfect for areas that get less sunlight. It is also an excellent type for those who want high level of efficiency. This design usually maximizes the exposure of the panel by simply tilting and following  the sun and moves position to get maximum sun Exposure during the day
Monocrystalline silicon solar panels (single silicon or mono silicon)

Monocrystalline-Silicon-Solar-Modules-220Wp- - Solar PanelsThis type is considered as one of the most efficient and effective type of solar panels. This is due to the fact that when the sunlight hits the panel, more of it is converted into electricity unlike other types. However, they are more expensive due to their high content of silicon. You should therefore be ready to part with more money if your purchasing such a system

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Polycrystalline silicon solar panels (ribbon, multi-silicon, multicrystalline)

high-quality-40w-poly-solar-panel-with-low-price - Solar PanelsPoly panels normally have lower silicon levels compared to mono panels. This reason makes them less expensive to purchase. However, their overall construction design makes them a great choice. You can distinguish them from other types by their groovy mélange of the silicon woven through a thin rectangular conduction wire. If you are on a budget these are the way to go, If you can afford it the Monocrystalline are the better option


Building integrated photovoltaic solar panels (BIPV)

They look like actual roofing tiles and they are integrated into the roofing . A lot of new buildings are using this type of install to cut down on energy costs.However the come at a huge financial cost as you can imagine. Cant see anyone getting these installed at home in a hurry unless you have money to burn.


Solar hot water solar panels (Thermal)

p3090022 - Solar PanelsThis type of solar panel has nothing to do with electricity. Well thats a lie, you will use LESS Electricity with this as it heats your hot water tank and keeps the bills down. They usually produce enough hot water for home use or even for your pool. This system can even provide air as well as heat conditioning.


Hybrid panels

Solar1_0 - Solar PanelsThey have a HIT module that contains a thin layer of amorphous solar film. The amorphous layer extracts more energy from the sunlight even if there is low light. They are expensive than the mono or poly crystalline panels due to high energy they give out.



Black backed and black frames panels

file - Solar PanelsThey give a better appearance especially on old traditional cottages or slate roofs due to the dark colored plain tiles.

Other types of solar panels include string ribbon solar panels, thin film solar panels, cadmium telluride and copper indium gallium selenide panels.

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