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Ambient Weather WR-335 ADVENTURER2

The first thing you will certainly discover about  the Ambient Weather WR-335 ADVENTURER2 Emergency radio is that it has a strong build quality.

Ambient Weather WR-335Something that is important with any devices that you could be using in an emergency in my viewpoint. It appears to be confined in a rubberized plastic shell, so it appears really durable. It is also light. The business website states it is about 1 pound and that appears accurate. If worst pertained to worst and you had to leave your home in an emergency situation, you could toss this in a knapsack and it would not be a problem.

The radio has numerous methods of charging. It has an A C adapter for charging from standard power outlets as well as works on routine AAA batteries. In addition, it has a USB plug, a hand crank, and a solar charging panel. The manual suggests keeping the radio plugged into a conventional power source at all times if possible so that you are ensured it is completely charged in the event of an emergency situation. Then you can depend on batteries, the hand crank, or the solar charger when standard power is lost.

As for using the radio to charge other gadgets, it comes with a very versatile dongle for doing so I doubt there are any small, frequently owned electronic devices that this dongle would be incapable of charging.

Considered that you don’t necessarily know what electronics you may have to charge in an emergency, this convenient dongle has the versatility to keep you covered. you can hook this up to your iPhone and iPad and will be able to charge both with no issues whatsoever.

dongles-300x228_f_improf_300x228 - Ambient Weather WR-335(Note: In order to start charging a device, you should hold the power button for 3 seconds until “Phone” appears on the screen. Simply puts, simply plugging in your phone to the radio will not begin a charge. The presumption is that this is due to the fact that when the power supply you have is restricted, you only want to seep power from the radio intentionally).

Something to note is that the radio has to be off in order to utilize the charging function. According to the company, the reason for this is two-fold. Initially, some gadgets (believe iPhones) require a greater charging current that might be compromised if you were running other operations on the radio while also trying to charge the phone. The other reason is merely among priority: if you need a charge in an emergency scenario, you desire it done as swiftly as possible. For that reason, ancillary features that might endanger the charge can’t be used while the radio is charging other gadgets.

The flashlight is decent for a multi-function device like this. I would consider it even more of a backup instead of a primary lighting option though. Nonetheless, good to have.

The radio came in plainly and quickly. You can preset the channels so that in the event of an emergency you aren’t trying to find the right channels for the first time.

For the price this has to be one of the best Value emergency radios available, This is easy to see already as it is a best seller on Amazon

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