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D20 solar home lighting kit with usb

This solar-powered liD20 Solar Home Lighting Kitght system has a lot to recommend it

1. The D20 Solar home lighting kit is amazingly bright, for a solar-powered system. Anyone who has installed the old-style solar powered outdoor lights knows that they are bright enough to show people where the lights are, but not exactly useful in providing actual illumination. The d.light system isn’t as bright as an incandescent bulb (or a CF, for that matter), but it does a reasonable job of lighting the area. And since the cords between the lights and the controllers are long, you can spread them out to light a wider area or mass them to create more intense light.

2. The lights are individually controlled and each one has a high power/low power option, so you can decide for yourself how to choose between brightness and the length of time your system will function without a recharge.

3. The system is advertised as providing light for a long time. One light on low power operates for 15 hours. Operating both lights high power, the system operates for 3.5 hours. But even that is a pretty long time if, for instance you are lighting a cabin, tent or garden shed. Also, the lights glowed brightly even with just a couple of hours of sun.

4. Simple to install,


  • Solar 5W Panel with a 6m wire
  • Power Pack capable of dual charging (solar or AC)
  • 2 Fixed lamps & wall switches; 1 x 8m wire, 1x4m wire provide grid-like experience
  • Portable lantern provides extra flexibility
  • USB output connector & Six Adaptors


  • d.light LED Solar Rechargeable #S300 Lantern and Cell Phone Charger - D20 Solar Home Lighting Kit


The d. light D20’s durable, state-of-the-art solar panel includes an outdoor cable (6 meters long) with and anchor points for security and flexibility. The D20 includes a compact battery and control unit packed with power and a battery indicator that shows the system’s charge level. In addition to solar power, the D20 can also be charged with an AC charger.

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