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Small Solar Panel 3.0V 70mA with wires

Small Solar Panel 3.0VIn this review we are looking at the wildcard of the bunch which is actually a Small Solar Panel 3.0V 70mA with wires if you are looking for something a lot smaller than our starter kit or the other solar panel that we have had a look at.

We will have a quick look at features and then give you a rundown of what you get with a small solar panel:

Brand Name       Sundance Solar

Import Designation         Imported

Part Number      700-10850-17-wires

There is not a lot of details on this small solar panel but you will get a high-efficiency miniature solar cell that you can use with larger load applications including higher voltage and current loads.

It will give you a miniature compact size solid attractive casing and you will also get polycrystalline solar cell which is 16% efficient.

Of course you are probably looking for something more substantial if you are going to be saving energy with solar power but we thought that we would put this in here if you need something as an extension or you are looking to test out to see how effective it was first.

Looking at the customer reviews of the small solar panel there is not a lot to base an opinion on however we do know that he is one of the best-selling small solar panels cheap rolex replica that you can buy online.

If you are looking for a very good solar panel that will enable you to give free energy a try and save money or if you are looking to use it as an extension then you can check out this solar panel at

At the moment you can save and pick this up for just over $5:


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